'Scott Pilgrim' Effects, A 'Losers' Cast Pic And Terry Moore Draws Batman In Today's Twitter Report

Edris Elba's photo of 'The Losers' castNow that "Scott Pilgrim vs the World" has finished its principle photography, director Edgar Wright is waist-deep in all of those gloriously over-the-top special effects that the story demands. He offered a status update today in his tweeting. Creator Bryan Lee O'Malley took notice.

Meanwhile, on the set of "The Losers," Idris Elba snapped a pic of his fellow cast members relaxing together between takes. It's probably one of the best group shots to make it out of production so far. You scope out all of those, as well as a pile of great links to "Strangers in Paradise" creator Terry Moore's recent con sketches, featuring Batman, Wonder Woman and a Wolverine girl. I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is the Twitter Report for September 17, 2009.

Scott Pilgrim pt 1: @edgarwright I saw some half finished Scott Pilgrim effects today. I think it was Miss Gwen Stefani who once opined "This shit is bananas. B-a-n-a-n-a-s"

-Edgar Wright, Directer 9 ("Scott Pilgrim vs. the World")

Scott Pilgrim pt 2: @radiomaru @edgarwright I'll tell everyone to expect the first teaser at 9 PM today and the first trailer at 9 AM tomorrow morning

-Bryan Lee O'Malley, Writer/Artist ("Scott Pilgim vs. the World")

@driis Losers. http://yfrog.com/0w19wxj

-Idris Elba, Actor ("The Losers")

Sketches pt 1: @TerryMoore http://twitpic.com/hz8fn - Batman doodle for a Batman fan. No mention of SiP or Echo. Just Batman this, Batman that. :(

-Terry Moore, Writer/Artist ("Strangers in Paradise," "Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane")

Sketches pt 2: @TerryMoore http://twitpic.com/hzgzl - Batman head sketch. Old skool. That's it for the Bat-family today.

Sketches pt 3: @TerryMoore http://twitpic.com/i07zx - Another fan request for Francine in Wonder Woman outfit. It didn't fit either!

Sketches pt 4: @TerryMoore http://twitpic.com/i0mxa - lousy foto of con sketch-Wolverine grrl

Parting Wisdom for the Day:

@Southworth Urban Dictionary always ruins the illusion that I made up a word.

-Paul Southworth, Writer/Artist ("Ugly Hill")