Superman, Kanye West Or Bruce Campbell: Who Will Rule This Week's Back-Issue Bin?

Bruce CampbellThis week's Top 10 posts were all over the map, from post-VMA reactions to more info on some of the recent announcements that rocked the comics biz. Here's how the week looked:

10. Move over, "Twilight," an official sequel to Bram Stoker's "Dracula" is on the way—and it's a graphic novel!

9. A new video featurette from "Solomon Kane" added to the film's already high praise. This one could be a sleeper hit, folks!

8. Bruce Campbell said he has a major role in "Spider-Man 4"... and there was much rejoicing!

7. Michael Fassbender explained how The Riddler factored into his portrayal of a "Jonah Hex" character.

6. More photos of Clark Kent's new costume in "Smallville" (as well as some shots of Brian Austin Green as Metallo) had readers buzzing about the new look for the live-action DC characters.

5. Edward Norton weighed in on those rumors that he'll have a cameo in "Iron Man 2."

4. "Kick-Ass" creator Mark Millar said even if DC did want his "Superman" script, they probably couldn't afford him.

3. Twitter Report made a big splash on this week's Top 10 with Tuesday's roundup of comic creators' reactions to Kanye West and the death of Patrick Swayze.

2. Our Twitter Report roundup of comic book creators' reactions to this year's VMAs clocked in as our second most-read article for the week. Who would've thought Kanye West could have this much effect on the comics community!

And for the top story of the week...

1. The new head of DC Entertainment, Diane Nelson, told us they "currently have no plans" for a Superman movie. How's that for a dose of kryptonite, Man of Steel fans?

See you next week!