EXCLUSIVE: Edward Norton Responds To 'Iron Man 2' Cameo Rumors

Edward NortonAmong the multitude of rumors surrounding who is and isn't making an appearance in "Iron Man 2," there's been much discussion regarding a potential cameo for Marvel's green-skinned behemoth, The Hulk.

While in Toronto attending the International Film Festival, MTV News tracked down Edward Norton, the actor who most recently brought Hulk to the big screen in 2008's "Incredible Hulk." In town to promote his new film "Leaves of Grass" (which received rave reviews after its premiere at the festival), Norton addressed the rumors that his comic book alter ego will appear in "Iron Man 2."

"I heard that. I don't know where that's coming from," Norton told MTV News. "I am not in 'Iron Man 2' to my knowledge."

So, there you have it, folks.

While there's still no word on where Marvel wants to go next with the "Hulk" franchise—or if Norton will return for any future films—it looks like they haven't approached the actor to reprise his role as Bruce Banner... yet.

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