Which Superhero Movie Should DC And WB Prioritize?

DC EntertainmentOne week it's The Walt Disney Company buying Marvel Entertainment, and the next week it's Warner Brothers restructuring and creating the new, movie-focused DC Entertainment. How's that for a busy 10 days, folks?

During our subsequent interview with DC Entertainment's new president, Diane Nelson, we gave you the scoop on where the company plans to go from here, where they're focusing their attention, and even a well-known character they're not focusing on right now. We also offered up a list of superhero projects we think WB and the new DC division should be focusing on first, and why they're so important to DC's growth in the movie world.

Now, it's your turn. We want to know which DC superhero properties you think are the most important to the company's growth in Hollywood. Should Superman be put on the fast-track, or should they go down roads less traveled? Is a "Doom Patrol" movie a must-have project, or should someone get "Justice League" rolling again? Sound off!

Voting in this poll will end Monday, September 21, at 12 PM EST. Make sure to post a comment here (or via Twitter) with your reasons for voting the way you did, as I’ll be selecting responses from readers to feature in a post about the results.