EXCLUSIVE: Deleted Scene In 'Wolverine' Humanized Sabretooth, Reveals Director

Sabretooth - WolverineOne of director Gavin Hood's last decisions while editing "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" involved cutting a scene in which Wolverine chose to have his memory completely wiped. However, audiences can evaluate the scene themselves today on Blu-ray and DVD, and Hood believes that its greatest impact is to humanize Victor Creed as he watches his brother choose to forget him.

"[Wolverine's] brother, played by Liev Schrieber, says to Stryker, ‘Will he remember me?’ and there’s a tremendous moment of vulnerability where Stryker looks at him as if he’s crazy and says, ‘No, of course not,’" Hood told MTV News. "Then Victor Creed says, 'Then let him go,' which is beautiful."

Hood pins that reaction to Creed's pent-up need to maintain a relationship with Logan, even if it's a violent one.

"Here you have this character who has been at war with his brother, and then at the moment where he thinks he himself won’t be remembered by his brother, he feels this utter loneliness and vulnerability," Hood said. "What it reveals about Victor is that Victor has been pursuing Wolverine because what he really needs is to remain connected."

Although the final bullet that eventually caused Wolverine's amnesia in the theatrical release still ultimately erases his memories anyway in the alternative cutting, Hood believed that Wolverine would make such a decision voluntarily given the great deal of loss he had experienced, a sentiment not shared by audiences at test screenings.

"The reason we opted not to go with that scene quite frankly," Hood explained, "is in test screenings there were people who felt they couldn’t get past the idea of Wolverine allowing Stryker—after everything that Stryker has done—to do this to him."

Do you agree with Hood's understanding of Sabretooth's motivations for pursuing Wolverine? Do you think the deleted scene should have remained? Share you reactions in the comment section below.