More 'Smallville' Photos Of Superman's Costume And Metallo Hit The 'Net

SmallvilleTwo of the darkest character looks for "Smallville" in Season Nine belong to proto-Superman Clark Kent and the show's Kryptonite-powered villain Metallo, played by Brian Austin Green. Clark's new black-jacketed, Punisher-esque costume has already sent waves through Superman fandom, and the show's new TV spots and promo photos indicate there's going to be a lot more fodder for fan debate when new episodes get rolling September 25.

"There is no Clark Kent," Tom Welling's character says in a new commercial for the show, collected in a gallery over at "I wear the symbol to remind myself that I have a different destiny."

That motif seems to be a focus for Season 9, where Clark ponders giving up his human alter ego in favor of becoming Superman full-time. The new photos aren't heavy on action, but they do seem to set up an upcoming confrontation between Clark and Metallo, which as any reader of the comics knows will be complicated for the Kryptonian as he figures out how to take down a villain with a built-in power-source made of Kryptonite.

I'm also starting to realize, the more and more I see "Smallville" Metallo with his shirt off, the more and more that Kryptonite heart looks like a facehugger from "Alien." Call me crazy.



How do you think the new season of "Smallville" will compare to the rest of the series so far? What do you think of Clark and Metallo's new looks for the series? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.