Pixar Executive Shrugs Off 'Ant-Man' Rumors

Ant-ManOne film project that could be the first and most prominently effected by Disney's pending acquisition of Marvel Entertainment could be "Ant-Man," the Edgar Wright-directed adaptation of the Avengers superhero. Recent rumors pegged "Ant-Man" as a Pixar film, though Wright himself said such a report was "not wholly accurate."

For those still holding onto hope of Pixar's involvement in "Ant-Man" in light of Wright's comments, here's an extra dose of bad news—Pixar's chief creative officer John Lasseter told attendees of last weekend's D23 Expo that rumors of a Pixar and "Ant-Man" pairing are exactly that: rumors.

"I had met all the folks from Marvel a couple of times and they're terrific," Lasseter said while briefly acknowledging Disney's recent acquisition, according to Superhero Hype. "The whole 'Ant-Man' thing is just a rumor."

Still, there's some hope for a Pixar-produced "Ant-Man" in that neither Wright nor Lasseter offered firm denials of the rumors—they've merely said that the reports are exaggerated or premature, meaning that the project could very well be in top secret development... there's just no way to really know at this point.

But with Wright beginning the post-production phase on "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" and Lasseter's Pixar gearing up its first live-action feature film in "John Carter of Mars," it's entirely possible that both Marvel and Disney have some time to figure out whether or not Pixar would be a good match for the "Ant-Man" property, which Wright himself insisted will be "very much live-action."

By virtue of the character's power set, the unparalleled animation sense of Pixar would undoubtedly do Ant-Man some good—it just remains to be seen whether they can pull off the live-action component. Perhaps "Mars" will serve as a testing ground for a Pixar "Ant-Man."

Do you think there's still a chance of a Pixar-produced "Ant-Man," or should Lasseter's comments be considered the final word on the matter? Let us know what you think in the comments section or on Twitter!