Julian Sands Cast As Jor-El On 'Smallville'

Julian SandsDespite the show's title, "Smallville" is anything but small. In fact, the number of DC characters making leaps from the paneled page to the CW television series is continually getting bigger, with perhaps one of the more important characters finally arriving in Clark Kent's neck of the woods.

According to EW.com, actor Julian Sands has been cast to play Jor-El in the upcoming ninth season of "Smallville."

Sands is expected to make his debut as Clark's biological father in the November-debuting episode "Kandor," which reveals Jor-El's ties with the menacing General Zod—a character first made famous in "Superman: The Movie."

Sands isn't the first actor to depict Jor-El on the CW series. Terrence Stamp, who previously played General Zod in the "Superman" films, has lent his voice to the character in previous seasons. Actor Tom Welling, none other than Clark Kent himself, also played Jor-El in a Season Three flashback sequence.

Despite the casting of Jor-El, it's unlikely that the character is returning from beyond the grave—Sands will most probably play the role in a flashback. But the inclusion of the eventual Superman's father feels like a no-brainer, given the upcoming season's purported focus on Clark Kent's exploration and embracement of his Kryptonian roots. Hey, he's not flying around with that big silver "S" on his chest for nothing!

Still, the arrival of Jor-El is just another notch in "Smallville's" increasing lineup of DC Comics familiars. The season is already populated by former "Green Lantern" contender Brian Austin Green's turn as Metallo and actor Callum Blue's interpretation of Zod.

Do you think Julian Sands has what it takes to play Jor-El? Who else would you like to see make a guest appearance on "Smallville"?