Warner Bros. Drops 'He-Man' Movie

He-ManWith the big news in the comics and movie industries yesterday being Warner Brothers' creation of DC Entertainment (DC Comics now exists as a subdivision of the company), it's not especially surprising that WB is dropping some of their other branded properties—possibly to focus on the development of DC-related products.

Variety reports that Warner Bros. and Mattel have parted ways on the "He-Man" film they've been working on since 2007 (possibly titled "Grayskull"). According to the report, Mattel and WB "didn't see eye to eye over the direction of the project" and made a mutual decision not to renew the option for the film when it expired this month.

Director John Stevenson is expected to remain with the project, but producer Joel Silver will probably depart due to his exclusive ties to WB.

Of course, it's hard not to link WB's new focus on DC with their choice to drop the He-Man property. Though reports are coming out claiming the decision was based on creative disagreements, the timing certainly indicates that the studio has turned its attention elsewhere.

However, Mattel still has their Hot Wheelsproperty with WB and Silver Pictures, and also has other properties slated to be filmed with Universal and Paramount. In the end, "He-Man" will most likely still get his time to shine, but clearly not under a WB banner.

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