Five Properties DC Entertainment Should Prioritize

Dc Entertainment - JLANow that the heroes of the DC Universe might receive some extra attention thanks to the newly developed DC Entertainment, could some of the company's highly-anticipated, yet unproduced superhero films finally see some movement?

DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson recently told Comic Book Resources about her desire to prioritize several DC properties including "Superman," "Wonder Woman," "Justice League" and more.

But a production company can only churn out so many movies in a given time—so where should they look first?

Here are five properties that we think DC Entertainment needs to prioritize going forward:

SupermanSUPERMAN: As it stands, the Last Son of Krypton's film future is in jeopardy thanks to a court-ordered mandate for Warner Bros to put a new "Superman" film into motion by 2011 or else risk owing money to the estates of creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. The clock is already ticking as the WB has lost the rights to the character's Kryptonian origins.

Forgetting the character's legal woes, Superman is one of the most iconic comic book heroes of all time—there is absolutely no reason that DC Entertainment shouldn't be looking to put the Man of Steel up in the sky as soon as possible.

Wonder WomanWONDER WOMAN: The Bruce Timm-produced animated "Wonder Woman" film proved just how powerful the character can be when given the proper respect she deserves. Still, some speculate that the new DC Entertainment could be wary of a female superhero's box office prospects—a concern that I find flat-out ridiculous.

Diane Nelson is the reason that the "Harry Potter" film franchise is such a money-grabbing power house—you really think she couldn't market a tough-as-nails Amazon warrior princess better than a shabby bespectacled wizard? With Nelson's marketing prowess, there's no better time than now to pursue a "Wonder Woman" movie.

Green ArrowGREEN ARROW: Oliver Queen isn't quite an A-list superhero, but he's darn close—and if nothing else, the proposed "Super Max" film, which pits Green Arrow in a maximum security prison filled with incarcerated supervillains, has the catchiest premise of any proposed DC Comics film currently known.

But yesterday's news of a similarly titled "Supermax" -- which substitutes DC's supervillains for a host of supernatural killers—means that DC Entertainment either needs to rethink Green Arrow's big screen debut or put "Super Max" on the fast track before Columbia's rival picture goes into high gear.

The FlashTHE FLASH: Currently experiencing a comic book resurgance thanks to the Geoff Johns-penned "Flash: Rebirth" miniseries, the Fastest Man Alive is yet another superhero deserving of a major motion picture.

As Johns himself is producing and assisting on the film's script, and with Flash's ally Hal Jordan taking flight in 2011's "Green Lantern," the odds of seeing Wally West (or Barry Allen, depending on which version we get) on the big screen in the near future are fairly high.

Justice LeagueJUSTICE LEAGUE: DC Entertainment would be foolish to ignore the potential of a "Justice League" movie, but they also have to be extremely cautious as to how they handle such an important project. Marvel's slow-burn approach to "The Avengers" is proof that superhero films benefit from long-term planning, something that wasn't apparent in the now-defunct "Justice League: Mortal."

Still, with Marvel's holy trinity of Captain America, Iron Man and Thor hitting theaters in 2012, DC Entertainment needs to start planning their own superhero team-up as soon as possible—and as carefully as possible.

Which properties do you think DC Entertainment should prioritize? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!