Will Horror Film 'Supermax' Sink David Goyer's Green Arrow 'Super Max'?

Green ArrowNews regarding "Super Max," a supervillain prison film focusing on DC hero Green Arrow, had slowed to a halt over the past year, but David Goyer recently assured MTV News that "super Max" was still in development with new writers attached. Now, it looks like "Supermax" is about to take a big step forward—but it's not the film you think it is.

Bloody Disgusting reports that "Supermax"—not to be confused with "Super Max," the Justin Marks-penned DC Comics/Warner Bros. film—is in development from Sony's Columbia Pictures with Christopher Allen Nelson and Mitch Rouse attached as screenwriters. According to the site, "Supermax" focuses on a maximum security prison for supernatural criminals. After a riot breaks out amongst the inmates, a prison guard and one of the inmates band together to survive the encounter.

Sound familiar? Well, it should.

The Goyer-conceived "Super Max" was said to focus on Ollie Queen, better known as the crime-fighting Green Arrow. Queen is wrongfully accused of a crime and is sent to a maximum security prison populated by various DC Comics supervillains. The imprisoned hero is forced to align himself with some of these villains as he plots an elaborate escape attempt.

The similarities between the projects could cause some problems for the already troubled "Super Max." Both films share nearly identical story lines, particularly in the central concept of a prison for criminals with heightened abilities, but also in the form of the lead character's need to team up with an enemy to pursue a common goal. That's not even mentioning the very subtle difference between the titles of the movies.

"Super Max," which calls for a bevy of DC Comics cameos, could be a very cool project to see on the big screen—but unless it ramps up quickly, it could be rendered irrelevant by the horror-minded "Supermax" should the Columbia Pictures film hit theaters first.

How do you think "Supermax" will effect "Super Max"? Will Green Arrow's big screen debut hit a snag due to its similarities with Columbia's rivaling film? Conjecture away in the comments section!