Nicolas Cage Leaves 'The Green Hornet' Cast

Nicolas CageNicolas Cage is well-known as a comic book fan—after all, his stage name is derived from none other than Luke Cage—but perhaps Cage isn't quite as big a fan of Seth Rogen's favorite comics.

The "Kick-Ass" actor has long been in talks to star alongside Rogen, Jay Chou and Cameron Diaz in "The Green Hornet," the adaptation of the pulp icon directed by Michel Gondry. According to the Hollywood Reporter, however, those talks are over—and Cage will not appear in the film.

The most recent indicator that something wasn't right regarding Cage's casting came in the form of a press release signaling the beginning of production on "Hornet." While the announcement confirmed the casting of Diaz, Chou, Edward James Olmos and even the as-yet-mentioned Tom Wilkinson, it specifically noted that Nicolas Cage was still in negotiations for the movie.

Had Cage accepted a role in "The Green Hornet," he would have played the film's villain, a role that Rogen described as "not over-the-top. We wanted him to be very scary ... [we] don't feel that's where the comedy in the movie should come from."

Now, with filming already under way, the Gondry-helmed production will need to hurry up and find a replacement for Cage. Still, say what you might about Cage, there aren't many actors in Hollywood quite like him—whoever does end up playing "Hornet's" nemesis, the take will be markedly different from what Cage would have offered.

Are you disappointed that Nicolas Cage won't star alongside Rogen in "The Green Hornet," or were you wary of his casting in the first place? Who do you think should replace him?