Megan Fox On 'Fathom': 'I Don't Want It Played By Someone Who Doesn't Give a S--- About It'

Uber-hottie Megan Fox is all over the comic book scene lately, with roles in "Jonah Hex," a comic book based on her upcoming movie "Jennifer's Body," and a potential starring role in "Fathom," a live-action film based on the Aspen MLT series.

Fox has repeatedly professed her love for both the series and the work of its creator, recently deceased writer/artist Michael Turner, so when we had a chance to sit down with Fox during our "Behind the Screen" movie special, we had to ask her about the status of the project.

"They wrote the script and I think the studio is making notes on the script now," Fox told MTV News.

According to Fox, her love for the series began at an early age—which is why she's so protective of the character.

"I grew up reading the comic book," she said. "I really found some similarities with her that I sort of took safety in, in a weird way, as a kid."

"I want someone who loves her and loves the comic to play her. It doesn't have to be me, but I just didn't know of any actresses at the time who loved the comic or even knew about it," said Fox. "So I was sort of fiercely protective of it, because I didn't want it played by someone who doesn't give a s--- about it."

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