How David Bowie Inspired Christopher Mintz-Plasse's 'Kick-Ass' Costume

The Red MistMost comic-to-film stories seem marred when a fan-favorite detail gets lost in translation, but in the case of Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.'s "Kick-Ass," one character seems to have gained something in the comic's transition to the silver screen.

The title character's cohort in crime fighting, The Red Mist, has inherited a righteous mop in place of his Zorro-style bandana from the comics—a stylistic variation actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse seems pretty keen on.

"[The look] fits for the character," Mintz-Plasse told MTV News, "The character is very in his dad's shadow. He doesn't get to hang out a lot with friends because he always has a bodyguard around. He kind of wanted that wild side—that '80s glam-rock kind of look. And I love [David] Bowie—I love that kind of hair."

In the story, The Red Mist is actually Chris D'Amico, the son of a mob boss who takes up urban vigilantism after being inspired by Dave Lizewski's pseudo-superheroics as Kick-Ass. In addition to his glam-rock attire and hair-do, The Red Mist accessorizes his vehicle of choice accordingly, tooling around New York City in a tricked-out, color-coordinated Ford Mustang.

Mintz-Plasse's Bowie nod seems appropriate not only regarding The Red Mists' unruly locks, but his lightning-style mask that loosely mimics Bowie's Ziggy Stardust persona. While fans will have to wait until April 16 to find out if The Red Mist behaves as honorably as Bowie's extraterrestrial "Star Man," it's a safe bet that the comparison won't be forgotten.

What do you think of Mintz-Plasse's movie duds? Do you dig The Red Mists' Bowie-inspired look? Make with the makeover chitchat in the comments.

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