Ghostface Killah Talks 'Iron Man 2' And The Price Of A Tony Starks Cameo

Ghostface KillahWu-Tang Clan member and comic book fan Ghostface Killah, who filmed a cameo in "Iron Man" as a Dubai tycoon, never ended up making it into the final cut of the film—even though his "We Celebrate" video did. So, when we sat down with the man who goes by the name "Tony Starks" to discuss his upcoming album plans, we had to ask if he's giving it another shot with "Iron Man 2."

Unfortunately, Ghost said he hasn't heard from director Jon Favreau or anyone else involved with the film... yet.

"I don't know about this new Iron Man s---," Ghost told MTV News. "They didn't call me, so I'm not in it."

Even so, he shared some thoughts about his "Iron Man" movie experience.

"I got paid last time, though," he laughed. "I got 30Gs last time."

So, while you shouldn't expect to see Ghostface Killah in the sequel to last year's blockbuster, at least you know how much a cameo in the film can yield. (Oh, and if anyone talks to Jon Favreau soon, tell him I'd do the film for free. Call me!)

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