Jason's 'Shhh!' Gets Animated Treatment

Back in June, news broke that Norwegian artist Jason's graphic novel "I Killed Adolf Hitler" was optioned for film—but little did we know that the cartoonist had another adaptation in the works.

An animated short film version of Jason's "Sshhhh!" is currently in development with the slightly altered title of "Shhh!" The movie comes courtesy of Graceland Film Company and Animidias animation studios with Hans Bastian Borg serving as producer and Robert Næss on board as director. Lyder Janøy and Aasmund Janøy are credited with the animation duties.

Published by Fantagraphics, Jason's "Sshhhh!" featured 120 pages of black & white short stories that ranged in tone from comedy to horror. According to the project's official website, "Shhh!" will focus on the first story in the book about a bird named Arne and his girlfriend Belinda, who slips into a coma. The two available video clips illustrate the film's terrifying tone, despite its use of harmless looking anthropomorphic characters.

"Shhh!" has already screened at least once, according to the film's website. "From the Mac display to the cinema screen. A moment of anxiety," wrote director Næss. "Would the film survive the transition? Would we? Dancing pixels and suicide notes? No way! It looked pretty damn good."

The website's most recent update on "Shhh!" was nearly two months ago, though that's not necessarily an indication that work on the film has stalled. From its inception, the website has updated quite irregularly, meaning we could be due for some more visual teasers—and hopefully some news about a release date—in the not-too-distant future.

Keep checking the official website for "Shhh!" for more news on the project. In the meantime, what do you think of the video clips and screenshots they have available? Let us know in the comments section!