'Walking Dead' Google Map Guides You Through 64 Issues Of Zombie Mayhem

Google Maps just became a valuable resource for "Walking Dead" readers.

Before the Internet Age, fans would have to wait for large-volume hardcovers to arrive in bookstores in order to get a Tolkien-scale map of their favorite comic book's fictional locales. Now, however, the issue-by-issue event coordinates from Robert Kirkman's first 64 issues of ongoing zombie action are as easy to find as the nearest Burger King.

Walking Dead - Google Maps

A new, comprehensive annotated "Walking Dead" map contains images and event descriptions, thanks to user Jason McDonald, who created the resource.

The map spans Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and Washington, D.C., listing issue numbers and relevant characters. It even includes a handy key of easy-to-follow icons.

McDonald's map should get a lot more attention when the comic's TV series adaptation launches on AMC. In fact, you have to wonder if the show's director Frank Darabont and producer Gale Ann Hurd will be bookmarking the Google map when they start scouting locations to film.

If nothing else, McDonald's work will open up the doors for local fans of the book to take some weekend expeditions out to the West Central Prison and Cynthiana Police Department?, which Kirkman included in his first 64 issues of storyarcs.

What do you think of the "Walking Dead" map? Are there any sites you would like to add yourself? Share your thoughts or discoveries in the comment section below!

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