EXCLUSIVE: Matthew Vaughn Calls 'Avengers' & 'Superman' His Dream Projects, Regrets 'Iron Man' Timing

Avengers"Kick-Ass" director Matthew Vaughn already has one comic book movie in the works, and his name's been dropped in connection with a potential adaptation of "American Jesus," as well as being attached to "Thor" well before Kenneth Branagh joined the project.

So, since it's pretty safe to say Vaughn knows his comics fare, we had to ask him whether there's a dream project out there that he's dying to bring from comics to the big screen—other than "Kick-Ass," of course.

"[I'd] love to do 'The Avengers,'" Vaughn told MTV News. "And Superman... I think it would be great to reinvent Superman."

While he was at it, Vaughn also shared some thoughts about the one that got away, too—and he wasn't talking about Marvel's god of thunder.

"I was desperate to do 'Iron Man' about 8 years ago, and everyone was like, 'Iron Man, no one will go watch that,'" he said. "Cut to now, and it's a huge hit."

"I grew up watching superhero films, so I want to make superhero films," he added.

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