Twitter Comment Puts Rose McGowan's 'Red Sonja' Status In Question?

Rose McGowanArmed with her hulking broadsword and natural fighting prowess, there are very few threats out there that present a problem for Red Sonja—but a mysterious Twitter message might just be one of those rare adversaries.

On her Twitter feed, "Red Sonja" actress Rose McGowan offered a cryptic message about her past and future involvement in the comic book franchise.

Based on the tweet, McGowan's continued attachment to the warrior woman could very well be in jeopardy.

"Just once I'll address questions about 'Red Sonja,'" she wrote. "I was meant to do [the movie] in '08. Major personal & private reasons I pulled out. Starting [to] want to work again. Sometimes real life f---ing sucks. That's all. God bless us survivors."

Indeed, "Red Sonja" was first announced as a McGowan-starring film at Comic-Con in 2008. A slew of posters featuring a fiery-haired McGowan appeared online shortly thereafter, leading many to hope that production would start soon.

But as the stars began aligning for "Conan," the steam seemed to leave the "Red Sonja" project. An executive producer said that the current plan to film "Red Sonja" in 2010 was based on economic issues and a sharper focus on "Conan."

Based on McGowan's comments, however, there could be another problem that we weren't aware of -- a problem we're still not entirely aware of. Whatever the case may be, it sounds like McGowan's relationship with the "Red Sonja" property is at least a little rocky, if not entirely mystifying.

What do you make of McGowan's "Red Sonja" comments? Is she still in? Is the movie still happening? Let us know what you think in the comments section!