'Superman Returns' Star Brandon Routh Joins 'Chuck' Cast

Brandon Routh as SupermanJust because Brandon Routh isn't scheduled to return to blue and red tights anytime soon doesn't mean the former Superman hasn't picked up his share of new skills.

In addition to his roles as nightmare investigator Dylan Dog in the upcoming "Dead Of Night," as well as evil, vegan-powered rocker Todd Ingram in "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World" the actor will now allegedly be able to add spy skills to his resume on the upcoming third season of NBC's "Chuck."

According to EW.com's Ausiello Files, Routh will appear in a multi-episode story arc beginning with the fourth episode of the upcoming season.

Routh will reportedly play a mysterious new spy heading Operation Barwoski, the mission named after Chuck's head full of downloaded Central Intelligence Agency secrets. This position could make Routh's character both Chuck's spy mentor and romantic rival when he sets his sights on handler Sarah.

Season Three isn't scheduled to begin until March of 2010, meaning the show's active fan base has plenty of time to mull over Routh's rumored appearance.

"Chuck" sported some high-profile guest stars in season two, including Dominic Monaghan, Scott Bakula, Tricia Helfer and Chevy Chase among others. If Routh's involvement is any indication, the rumors of a reduced Season Three budget doesn't seem to have had much effect on fan-friendly casting.

Whatever the case, the move should please Routhphiles and comic fans alike. After all, If season three does well, comic fans might see another comic book series from Wildstorm.

What do you think of Routh's addition to "Chuck?" Excited for season three? Intersect opinions in the comments.