SECRET IDENTITY: Who Should Play Sinestro In The 'Green Lantern' Movie?

SinestroEver feel like you could come up with the perfect superhero dream cast if only you had the right Hollywood connections? Me too! In SECRET IDENTITY, Splash Page's latest weekly column, I'll pick a certain comic book character and suggest a handful of actors that could play the part, or I'll look at a certain actor and suggest which characters they should bring to the screen. And if my dream casting ever works out, I'll be the first to say I told you so! -JW

Now that Ryan Reynolds has scored the plum role of Hal Jordan, it's worth wondering how the rest of the "Green Lantern" cast will shake out. While his presence in the film isn't officially known, it's very likely that Sinestro—Jordan's former mentor turned nemesis—could play a role in the movie.

Assuming Sinestro is headed for "Green Lantern's" space sector, here are five actors that would do the part justice:

Daniel Day-Lewis1. Daniel Day-Lewis: The Oscar-winning method actor is notoriously choosy about picking roles, but a meaty character like Sinestro could be perfect for Daniel Day-Lewis.

As a man who practically disappears into his performances, Day-Lewis' take on Sinestro could provide the necessary balance between mild-mannered mentor and ruthless enemy—an emotional rift felt not just by the betrayed Jordan, but by the audience as well.

Danny Huston2. Danny Huston: Already proven as a capable villain in not one, but two comic book films—he was Stryker in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" and Marlow in "30 Days of Night"—what's one more bad guy for Danny Huston?

Though he's not the best physical match for Sinestro, he can certainly embody all the deviousness required from Green Lantern's greatest adversary.

Jeremy Irons3. Jeremy Irons: If his performance as Simon Gruber in the third "Die Hard" movie isn't proof enough of Jeremy Irons' bad-guy chops, just take a listen to his menacing voice in "The Lion King."

For a family-friendly film, Irons' take on the traitorous lion set the standard for evil vocal performances—and with his lanky visage and wry smile, Irons could reemerge as an iconic villain in the form of Sinestro.

Guy Pearce4. Guy Pearce: Just last week, I called Guy Pearce a perfect fit for the role of Wes Cutter in a "Loveless" adaptation, but if that doesn't pan out, he'd be just as well-suited for the scheming Sinestro.

Like Day-Lewis, Pearce is often unrecognizable from role to role. He's also equally adept at playing heroes and villains, a chameleonic trait at the very core of Sinestro's character.

Gary Oldman5. Gary Oldman: He's been a bloodthirsty vampire, a corrupt police officer, a murderous futuristic business man and a Russian terrorist—isn't it about time Gary Oldman added a comic book villain to that list? Oldman is an easy choice for the purple-skinned antagonist, though his role as Commissioner Gordon in the "Batman" films might be a conflict of interest.

But hey, if Reynolds can juggle two comic book characters, why can't Oldman?

Who do you think should play Sinestro in the "Green Lantern" film? Give us your best suggestions in the comments! Also, feel free to suggest other characters—or actors—that you'd like to see featured in future editions of SECRET IDENTITY!