'Twilight' Star Cam Gigandet And Paul Bettany Revealed In First 'Priest' Photos

Cam GigandetProduction on "Priest" has been ramping up lately with plenty of casting announcements, including the recent news that "True Blood" star Stephen Moyer would play a role in the film. Now, we're getting our first glimpse at two of the movie's main characters, including "Twilight" actor Cam Gigandet.

Gigandet and Paul Bettany both make their first appearances in a slew of set photographs from JFX Online. While the images reveal very little about the film's actual plot, they provide incredibly detailed looks at both characters and the types of clothing we can expect to see from them.

First up is Gigandet's character. Based on the information we know so far, Gigandet will not be playing a vampire, but rather a small town sheriff whose girlfriend has been abducted by a gang of vampires led by Black Hat, the villain played by Karl Urban. Based on these images, it certainly looks like Gigandet's getting into the law-enforcing groove.

Bettany, meanwhile, has all of his warrior priest glory on full display... but honestly, were it not for the massive red cross stamped on the middle of his forehead, Bettany would almost look like Luke Skywalker circa "Return of the Jedi." That's not exactly a complaint—can you imagine a Jedi bringing his lightsaber to bear on a pack of ravenous vampires? I'd definitely pay to see that!

Paul Bettany

Clearly, we're looking at a very stylish film in "Priest." If the plot, acting and action can match the aesthetic of these lead characters, "Priest" has all the makings for a solid, fun comic book adaptation.

What do you think of Bettany and Gigandet's appearances in "Priest" so far? Let us know what you think in the comments!