'Iron Man 2' Stuntman Describes Whiplash Action, 'Tintin' Plot Details

Iron ManTypically, the stuntman's role is to make the big action scenes look dangerously bad-ass, not to talk about the film itself. But "Iron Man 2" and "The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn" stunt choreographer Garrett Warren isn't your typical stuntman—he's got a whole lot to say, and comic book fans might want to listen up.

Warren spoke with Movieline about his work on both upcoming comic book films, which involved stuntwork on behalf of Mickey Rourke's villainous Whiplash in "Iron Man 2."

While many of his comments were innocent, some of them did reveal some interesting information about the whip-clad baddie.

"I had brought two whips with me that are made of kangaroo hide that are incredibly well made," Warren described of Whiplash's whips. "You can perform all sorts of tricks and cracks with them. In the movie, you won't see those whips. They'll digitally replace it with other types of whips. I don't know if I'm at liberty to say what the whips will look like, but they're going to be these super whips that have an awful lot of power."

"They can cut through cars, they can do an awful lot of damage," he explained. "And when the movie comes out, you'll see that he doesn't do just whip-cracks and grabbing people. He lays waste to an awful lot of vehicles and street pieces and other things."

But that's not all he had to say about Rourke's character. Apparently, things get a little rough for Iron Man's Russian nemesis.

"At one point, Whiplash had to get hit by a car," he described. "Mickey did the lead up to the stunt, and I did the stunt where the car came in and hit me and took me to the fence."

He also mentioned that the Whiplash costume was "this big metal piece that wasn't very comfortable," which doesn't exactly fall in line with the tattered rags we've seen Rourke wearing so far. Perhaps Whiplash really will look more like his comic book counterpart by movie's end?

Meanwhile, Warren also worked on "Tintin," the Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg collaboration that relies heavily on digital effects.

"It looks an awful lot like the cartoon," he said of the film. "They really wanted to bring the cartoon to life. So if you know the cartoon, or have seen the books, that's what it looks like. It's beautiful. You would have thought to yourself that they would have tried to go for a more realistic look, but they're actually trying to preserve the look and essence of the original Tintin characters."

What do you think of Warren's comments about "Iron Man 2" and Whiplash at large? Are you interested by his description of "Tintin"? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!