Comics On The PSP, DSi and iPhone: A Look At Handheld Reading

As you can probably tell from from this week's coverage of "Batman: Arkham Asylum," Splash Page's love of video games is second only to Multiplayer around MTV HQ. In that spirit of mutual adoration, it's only right to fill in fans on some of latest-gen consoles capable of transcending comic book boundaries with readable material—in the UK, the US, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, at least.

Comics on PSP

PSP: Starting later this year the PlayStation Portable and its slimmer new PSP Go counterpart will be able to access and store titles from Marvel Comics, IDW and other publishers through the device's online PlayStation Store. Users will be able to read the comics via Sony's digital reader service.

Right now, the interface is slated to fit full-page and panel-by-panel viewing, giving it an advantage over other devices with similar screen sizes.

Nintendo DSi: The latest Nintendo handheld has had access to comics for awhile. Several free titles including "Thunder road" by Sean Demory and Steven Sanders are available to DSi users at Additional reading options are rumored to eventually become available through the DS Ware retailer. But for now, fans can settle for downloading Sega's 1995 classic "Comix Zone" on the Wii.

Apple iPhone: While the iPhone is a bit of a cheat in this category given its status as a smartphone rather than a straight up gaming console, it's worth noting that more than on application one the device can download comics. Hundreds of titles can be purchased via iTunes or through all-in-one apps like Clickwheel or the new Comics by comiXology software from publishers including Image Comics, IDW and more.

Of course, gamers in Japan might find this information a moot point. Most electronic gaming outlets have had some amount of manga available to overseas consumers for awhile. Still, other gamers have plenty to look forward to in the coming months and beyond as publishers find their way to potential new readers.

Are you a fan of comics on video game systems? Which platforms do find to be the best alternatives to printed titles? Share and share alike in the comments.