'Smallville' Targeting Green Arrow's Sidekick, Speedy, For Season Nine Debut?

SpeedyEven though Justin Hartley's take on Green Arrow hasn't ever gotten around to spinning off into a separate series, the emerald archer's world continues to expand within the boundaries of "Smallville."

Joining the ranks of Metallo, Zod and perhaps even the Wonder Twins for a Season Nine appearance, a version of Green Arrow's sidekick Speedy could be making her "Smallville" debut in the November episode "Crossfire."

According to Kryptonsite, this Speedy could be the female version of the archer's apprentice, Mia Dearden, rather than Oliver Queen's first partner, Roy Harper.

Additionally, this potential Speedy's back story seems fairly rooted in its comic book origins, with Dearden supposedly working as a hooker for a tattooed pimp named Rick. Of course, the rumor that Dearden drives Queen's Lamborghini and he calls her "Speedy," seems to seal her fate in the heroing business, especially if he ends up taking her on as a sidekick to help get her out of trouble.

Mia was revealed to be HIV positive early in her crime-fighting career, making her an advocate for HIV and AIDS education in her comic storylines. Whether this version of Speedy will mirror her comics self is unclear, but it does present "Smallville" with an opportunity to air information on the subject.

There's also the question of casting the part of the new arrow enthusiast. An actress hasn't been named yet, but casting shouldn't be a problem as long as potential candidates are screen tested for their arrow accuracy.

Did "Smallville" pick the right Speedy for its ninth season? Should the show take the opportunity to educate viewers on matters of HIV and AIDS? Project your thoughts in the comments.