'Battling Boy' Screenwriter Calls Working With Paul Pope A 'Fun Process'

Battling BoyScreenwriter Alex Tse already adapted the graphic novel to end all graphic novels with Zack Snyder's "Watchmen." Tse's next announced comics-related project will be a big-screen version of Paul Pope's unreleased First Second Books story "Battling Boy," and he's eager to see the project through to the theaters. In stark contract to his previous film, where original writer Alan Moore was vocally uninvolved, Tse will be collaborating with Pope, which has him energized.

"It’s been an interesting and fun process to work with Paul Pope," Tse told ScriptPhD.

Tse also has the unique task of bringing a book to life that has yet to be completed by its original author, a detail that he is keenly aware of.

"I’m not sure what percentage [Paul] is done with, but it’s in the process," Tse explained. "So that’s been interesting for both of us, but a lot of fun because he’s a great guy and really visionary."

In the meantime, Tse will hopefully get some nice royalties from the extended-edition "Watchmen" Blu-Ray release that hit shelves this summer. And if he's lucky "Battling Boy" will take less than two decades to get made like "Watchmen."

Do you think Alex Tse will be a good match-up to adapt Paul Pope's work in "Battling Boy"? What did you think of his work on "Watchmen"? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.