EXCLUSIVE: Ted Kennedy 'Political Power' Comic Book Preview

Political Power: Ted KennedyEarlier today we brought you the news of an upcoming comic book biography of recently deceased senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy that was announced just prior to the politician's death yesterday.

While plans for the "Political Power: Ted Kennedy" comic were put into motion long before the Democratic leader's death, Kennedy's passing certainly casts a new light on the project.

Publisher Bluewater Productions has given Splash Page an early, exclusive look at the Ted Kennedy biography comic, and offered the following statement about the timing of the announcement, the comic itself and the passing of a political icon.

"The country is a lesser place with the passing of Senator Kennedy," said Bluewater president Darren G. Davis. "Regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum we could all learn a great deal if we followed his passion for public service."

"The timing of our announcement of a biography comic based on the life of Ted Kennedy was in no way tied to the Senator's declining health and ultimate passing. When Bluewater planned out the first year of biographies, Kennedy's name was always at the top of the list," continued Davis. "In fact, this issue has been in production since March and was solicited to retail shops through our national distributor in June."

"We will, of course, pay final respects to this American icon by adding a page to the completed issue to close the last chapter of his remarkable life," he added. "We mourn his passing with the rest of the nation."

[For more on the passing of Ted Kennedy, check out a photo gallery from Kennedy's life at MTV.com.]

Click on the image below for an exclusive preview of unlettered pages from "Political Power: Ted Kennedy," scheduled for release in November and featuring a story by Brent Sprecher, interior illustration by Alejandro Figueroa and cover art by Patricio Carbajal.

Political Power: Ted Kennedy

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