New 'Whiteout' Images Released By Studio

WhiteoutIt's a good time to be Greg Rucka right about now, and an even better time to be a fan of the acclaimed writer. In addition to the newly announced "Queen & Country" film in development, Rucka's creator-owned "Whiteout," co-created and illustrated by Steve Lieber, is finally coming to the big screen in a few weeks.

In anticipation of the theatrical debut for "Whiteout" on September 11, Warner Bros. has released a gallery of images from the Antarctica-set thriller.

"Whiteout" stars Kate Beckinsale and Gabriel Macht, two faces that are hardly unfamiliar to the comic book world.

For the full gallery of "Whiteout" production images, click on either of the photos posted below:


Kate Beckinsale stars as Carrie Stetko, a United States marshal investigating a murder case in Antarctica, the first ever crime of its kind. Rucka recently spoke with MTV News and explained why Beckinsale is perfect for the role of Stetko, describing her as "astonishingly talented."


Co-starring in the film is Gabriel Macht as Robert Pryce, a United Nations operative that's also investigating the murder. Macht is best known to comics fans for his portrayal of Denny Colt in "The Spirit," last winter's Frank Miller-directed comic book adaptation.

Also starring in the film are Alex O'Loughlin, who starred in the "Man-Thing" straight-to-video comic book adaptation, and Columbus Short, who plays Pooch in "The Losers."

Based on these images and what you've seen thus far, how do you think the "Whiteout" adaptaion will turn out? Let us know what you think in the comments section!