'Zombie Cop' Makes Its Small Screen Debut... On 'CSI'?!

Zombie CopWhat do zombies have to do with "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," the hit television series airing on CBS? And more importantly, what do those two things combined have to do with the comic book universe? Well, funny you should ask...

On his blog, comic book writer Jeff Mariotte has announced that his original graphic novel, "Zombie Cop," will have its "small-screen debut" on October 15th. The catch? The brief appearance of "Zombie Cop" will occur on an episode of "CSI."

"It started on Wednesday, with an email from the publisher, forwarding an email from the show's property master, seeking permission to use the book on an upcoming episode," Mariotte explained of how the comic book cameo came to be. "They shot the scene last night. In the scene, someone's reading the graphic novel in a diner, and that serves as the lead-in to a gunfight."

Mariotte's strange connections to the world of "CSI" don't end there; in fact, the writer happens to be very well-versed when it comes to the television series and its spin-off series "CSI: Miami." Mariotte was a one-time editor for a line of "CSI" comics and has even written graphic and prose novels based on the series.

But the strangest part of all is that the "Zombie Cop" cameo owes nothing to Mariotte's previous "CSI" experience—it's sheer coincidence, according to the writer.

"[The] property master who selected the book was unaware of all that until we talked on the phone," Mariotte revealed. "He just liked the cover and thought it was an appropriate way to lead up to the gunfight. So the six-degrees thing here is more like two degrees, or one -- but those connections had nothing to do with my book making its small-screen debut. It's more like a cosmic coincidence... but I'll take it!"

Now, if only an actual adaptation of "Zombie Cop" would get announced, we'd be all set!

Zombie Cop

What do you think of the "Zombie Cop" cameo on "CSI"? What would you like to see more, an actual "Zombie Cop" film or an actual zombie invasion on "CSI"? Let us know in the comments section!