New 'Astro Boy' Poster Goes Online

Astro BoyThe October premiere of "Astro Boy," the CGI-animated manga adaptation, is just around the corner—and Summit has released an eye-tingling new poster to remind you of just how close the film is to reality.

Cinematical has an exclusive look at what's being touted as the final poster for "Astro Boy," hitting theaters on October 23rd (head over there for a full look at the image).

The film features the voice talents of Freddie Highmore, Kristen Bell, Nicolas Cage and many more, with this latest poster highlighting all three of the aforementioned actors' computerized characters.

Unsurprisingly, Freddie Highmore's Astro Boy takes center stage in the poster, closely followed by Kristen Bell's Cora, a character that the actress describes as "sassy." Also included in the poster are Dr. Tenma and Dr. Elefun, the scientists voiced by Nicolas Cage and Bill Nighy, respectively. Both of those characters were recently revealed in a series of production stills that also depicted Donald Sutherland's President Stone, unseen in this latest poster.

"Astro Boy," based on the manga and anime franchise of the same name, takes place in the futuristic Metro City. Dr. Tenma, a brilliant scientist, creates a young robot boy in the image of his deceased son. The robot, of course, is none other than the shocking powerful Astro Boy, who has to contend with other menacing robots and some surprisingly devious humans as well.

What do you think of the final "Astro Boy" poster? What are you looking forward to most about the movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!