Jason Bateman Hopeful About 'Hancock 2'

HancockWe've already heard thoughts on "Hancock 2" from director Peter Berg and stars Will Smith and Charlize Theron, but what does Jason Bateman think of the idea? The "Arrested Development" actor played an integral role in the first film, and his character would almost certainly be a required ingredient in the developing sequel.

Thankfully for the comedian's fans and the "Hancock" franchise at large, Bateman is definitely interested in returning for "Hancock 2." He spoke with Collider about the film, essentially describing the decision to rejoin the superhero film as a no-brainer.

"Oh yeah, in a heartbeat," Bateman said. "Yeah, that's not a tough decision. I hope that happens."

Despite his willingness to return, Bateman doesn't believe that a "Hancock" reunion is likely to happen anytime soon. He even addressed Berg's recent comments about introducing more gods into the "Hancock" universe.

"I'm sure he wasn't really passing on anything more substantive than just anytime Will Smith does anything it lends itself to a franchise," Bateman speculated. "And they were talking about a sequel while we were in the middle of shooting ['Hancock']. So I don't think he was saying that anything's happened that triggered real movement on that. I'm sure he probably just answered the question if somebody said, 'Hey what about a sequel for Hancock'? He probably said, 'Oh yeah sure. Wouldn't it be cool if we did this'? I don't think anything's really moved."

While the film isn't exactly ready to come out later this year, but there's definitely movement on the project. Just yesterday, two scribes were hired to pen the "Hancock 2" screenplay, indicating that somebody somewhere wants this movie to happen soon.

Would you want Jason Bateman back for "Hancock 2" or do you think the film should press on without him? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!