'Batman 3' To Be Fully Shot In IMAX?

BatmanWhether Christopher Nolan's follow-up to "The Dark Knight" begins filming next year as Gary Oldman anticipates it will (or not), the next big-screen Batman chapter might be bigger than anyone expected—literally.

Nolan gave moviegoers a taste of what specially shot IMAX footage could do for superhero films when he used the format for a few key scenes of "The Dark Knight." The format even inspired Jon Favreau to ponder IMAX for "Iron Man 2." Now, a breaking rumor indicates that Nolan may be considering a total IMAX approach as he head into his third Batman installment.

According to the usually reliable crew at Ain't It Cool News, the next film in Nolan's "Batman" franchise, which has yet to receive an official title, could be completely shot in IMAX. If the report turns out to be true, every scene would be getting formatted from the first day of shooting to be spread across super-wide screens everywhere.

Nolan may have even been developing new cameras and techniques during work on his most recent film "Inception," tinkering with specifications that could be used when he returns to the Caped Crusader and Gotham City.

The IMAX scenes in the last film took Batman's fight against The Joker's anarchic rampage to an entirely new level when they tore through theaters. If the action sequences in Nolan's next sequel follow suit, a total IMAX approach might be quite a spectacle.

Would you like to see Christopher Nolan film his next Batman movie entirely in IMAX? What do you think the pros and cons of his rumored strategy might be? Sound off in the comment section below!