'Green Lantern' Delayed By Australian Economy?

Green LanternRyan Reynolds, already causing controversy by starring in different superhero projects from Marvel Comics and DC Comics, is going to need a lot more than a power ring to combat his deadliest foe yet: the global economy.

Inside Film reports that production on "Green Lantern," the Reynolds-headlining superhero film from Warner Bros. and DC Comics, is currently in jeopardy due to the financial climate in Australia, where the film is currently pegged to shoot.

"[Green Lantern's] proposed Australian shoot is understood to be under threat after the rising Australian dollar has blown out production costs," reports IF's Twitter feed.

If the rising dollar in Australia is preventing "Green Lantern" from getting made, why doesn't Warner Bros. simply change the shooting location? Well, that might be easier said than done.

A film of "Green Lantern" size is likely to pick its city very carefully, sizing up tax incentives and other monetary factors in order to make production as cost-effective as possible. So, while the movie could technically relocate, it probably couldn't do so without delaying production. "Green Lantern" has already changed dates once before from December 2010 to June 2011, and should a location change occur, it's entirely possible that the film could see yet another release date shift.

Assuming that "Green Lantern" does get delayed, what does that mean for "Deadpool," the other superhero project with Reynolds' name attached to it? Might a potential delay on "Green Lantern" require another actor to assume the role of Wade Wilson? If his ability to juggle both characters wasn't in question before, it certainly could be now.

How do you think the rising Australian dollar will influence "Green Lantern"? Will the film need to relocate? Will a relocation cause a delay? Will a delay mean no "Deadpool" for Reynolds? Am I just catastrophizing? Analyze the situation yourself in the comments section!