'Halloween II' Director Rob Zombie On Jack Kirby: 'He Was A Genius'

Rob Zombie's "Halloween II" hits theaters August 28, and with the multi-talented creator serving as Guest Editor over on MTV Movies Blog, we couldn't help but pick his brain about comics, too. Given his decision to publish "The Haunted World of El Superbeasto" as a comic prior to its big-screen release, we know he's a comic fan—but what's on his subscription list these days?

We asked Zombie that very question during a recent shoot in—of all places—New York City's Abracadabra Magic & Costumes shop. While he confessed to not being up on current comics, he did recommend some work by one of his favorite creators.

"I would go back and read anything that Jack Kirby drew," Zombie told MTV News. "As a kid, I took Jack Kirby for granted, because he did so many comics and pumped out so much work."

"As I became an adult and looked at it, my mind was blown by how incredible Jack Kirby actually was and how much work he could crank out," he continued. "The quality never dropped."

Calling Kirby "a genius," Zombie said, "there wouldn't be any comics without Jack Kirby."

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