'American Splendor' Creator Harvey Pekar Begins New Webcomic Series, 'The Pekar Project'

The Pekar ProjectPerhaps not as well-known as Superman—and certainly not as chiseled as the Man of Steel, either—"American Splendor" creator Harvey Pekar is nonetheless a comic book legend. The autobiographical "Splendor," which details Pekar's musings on life's everyday occurrences, has already crossed over into theaters in the form of a 2003 Paul Giamatti-starring film. Now, Pekar is trying out a whole new medium: the Internet.

Harvey Pekar and Smith Magazine are teaming up for "The Pekar Project," an all-new ongoing webcomic series written by Pekar and illustrated by artists Tara Seibel, Joseph Remnant, Rick Parker and Sean Pryor. The series will be edited by Jeff Newelt.

"Pekar [in Smith Magazine] is a natural," said Newelt. "Because this is a free webcomic, and can be read while not-working at the office, on your iPhone, etc, we're hoping to literally turn a new generation, those who are into shows like ['Seinfeld' and 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'], on to Pekar's work in general."

The Pekar Project

Format-wise, "The Pekar Project" aims to release a new webcomic every other week, each comic illustrated by one of the four aforementioned artists. During "off weeks," Smith will publish a variety of ancillary material ranging from interviews with Pekar and the artists to Pekar's essays and excerpts from his upcoming books.

There's also a Twitter account set up for "The Pekar Project," though Newelt admitted that the famed comics creator won't be using the service directly.

"He will be whispering sweet 140 character somethings into my ear a few times a week, specifically for tweetage, that I will relay," Newelt said. "If ['The Pekar Project'] gets popular enough, maybe Harvey will get a computer!"

Above all, Newelt said that the centerpiece of "The Pekar Project" will be the webcomics, though he's equally excited about the formation of an online destination for all things Pekar.

The Pekar Project

The Pekar Project

Head over to "The Pekar Project" to check out Harvey Pekar's first foray into the realm of online comics writing!