'District 9' Beats 'Twilight' And 'Avatar' As Most-Wanted Comic Book

District 9Okay, so I'm officially floored by the results of this week's poll. The "Twilight" and "Avatar" juggernauts seem to have met their match in "District 9"—at least as far as comic book adaptations are concerned.

Last week, I asked which recent and/or upcoming film you'd most like to see adapted into a comic book, and while the expected three or four films rose to the top of the pile as expected, the order in which they finished was, well... unexpected. I mean, "District 9" earning twice as many votes as "New Moon"? Inconceivable!

Here's how the Top Five options settled out:

1. "District 9" : 41%

2. "Twilight Saga: New Moon" : 21%

3. "Zombieland" : 10%

4. "Avatar" 9%

5. "9" : 6%

And as always, here's what some Splash Page readers were saying about their votes:

@greglmercer: Oh man, TOO many good choices. Going with 9. Or District 9. Or Avatar. Or...hmm.

curmudgeon: District 9 should have some kind of prequel that expands on how things got to be how they were at the beginning of the movie. There was a lot gong on in that universe that could've been made clearer even for the sake of that one narrative. Plus it was the best straight up sci-fi movie I've seen in some time.

@watchinpreacher: I Voted DISTRICT 9! I haven't seen it, but I think it has a lot of potential Prequel/sequel BRING IT ON! ORIGINAL Sci-fi FTW!

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