New Shots From 'The Losers' Set (A Todos Nosotros!) In Puerto Rico

The LosersSo far, shots from the "Losers" set in Puerto Rico have revealed Jeffrey Dean Morgan waving a gun, flipped vehicles, and at least one big explosion. Writer Andy Diggle has even weighed in, helping to connect what readers of his comics are seeing to what originally occurred in the books. Now, a Spanish-language site appears to show another scene being filmed, featuring a helicopter hovering in front of an AIG building.

The sequence, featuring a Miami Police helicopter appears to take place in San Juan's banking district, according to El Nuevo Día, who posted a video and photo.

The "spy footage from 'The Losers' set," as artist and co-creator Jock referred to it on his Twitter account, raises the question of what a Miami Police helicopter would be doing in Puerto Rico, if San Juan is actually going to be the city used in the scene. Alternatively, the scene could be set in Miami with the local helicopter getting a temporary paint-job for the day.

The Losers

Whichever the case may be, the local news seems to be quite intrigued by the Hollywood action movie that's moved onto their streets this month. As long as the film's action sequences leave the skyline intact, San Juan's citizen's should have a lot to be proud of when "The Losers" hits theaters in 2010.

Do you think you know which scene is being shot in today's "Losers" video? Which sequences from the comic do you hope will make the cut? Sound off in the comment section below!