Stephen Moyer Joins 'Priest,' Heralds A 'True Blood' & 'Twilight' Crossover

Stephen MoyerBill Compton, you're certainly not in Bon Temps anymore. The "True Blood" vampire is packing his coffin and hitching a ride to an all-new vampire epic—one that's not based on a romance novel, but a hard-hitting manga series instead.

Variety reports that Stephen Moyer, who plays Compton on the hit HBO series, and "90210" actress Lily Collins are joining the cast of the Scott Stewart-directed "Priest," the vampire-centric adaptation starring Paul Bettany, Cam Gigandet, Maggie Q and Karl Urban.

Even though Moyer—who is engaged to "X-Men" actress and "True Blood" co-star Anna Paquin—is best known for his blood-sucking southern gentleman persona, the actor won't be bearing his fangs for "Priest." Moyer's character is described as "the mortal brother of the protagonist," assumedly Bettany's titular warrior priest. Collins, meanwhile, has scored the plum role of the priest's niece, who is also the love interest for Gigandet's character.

Moyer's casting in "Priest" is sure to get the blood pumping in "True Blood" fans, but it's also interesting for another reason. Gigandet, of course, is a "Twilight" veteran, having played villainous vampire James in the first film. Now that Moyer is aboard "Priest," the on-screen collision of Bill Compton and James is about the closest thing to a "True Blood/Twilight" crossover that we're ever likely to see.

If nothing else, the double whammy of Gigandet and Moyer in the same film is likely to bring both "Twilight" and "True Blood" fans into the movie theaters when "Priest" hits wide release. Combine that with the recently announced "Twilight" manga series, the Stephanie Meyer comic book biography, and Brett Ratner's desire to cast Robert Pattinson in "Youngblood," and comic books could very well be the next big thing for fans of the vampire heartthrob genre.

Are you excited for the impending "True Blood" and "Twilight" crossover in "Priest," or would you prefer the upcoming vampire movie to be unattached to the aforementioned franchises? Sink your fangs into the comments section and let us know your thoughts!