EXCLUSIVE: New 'Surrogates' Image Debuts In Our Fall Movie Preview!

"Surrogates" lands in theaters September 25, and while Jonathan Mostow's adaptation of Robert Venditti and Brett Weldele's graphic novel won't include the original story's villain, it will include quite a bit of Bruce Willis as the story's protagonist, Detective Harvey Greer.

We've already seen at least one image of Willis on the set of the film, and now we have another exclusive photo of the actor in action as Greer. Check it out:


From the amount of hair Willis is sporting in the photo (and the lack thereof in the previous image of Willis), it's pretty clear that we're looking at Greer's robotic surrogate in the above photo, and not the flesh-and-blood detective.

The science-fiction thriller is set in a future world where people stay at home all day and send out robotic versions of themselves to do just about everything. When someone begins killing surrogates, Greer is tasked to investigate the crimes and uncovers a plot that could change the status quo of society.

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