EXCLUSIVE: Rumored 'Superman' Director Reveals His Vision For Man Of Steel

"Ninja Assassin" and "V For Vendetta" director James McTeigue has long been rumored as one of the leading candidates to take over Warner Bros.' stalled Superman movie franchise.

Earlier this month, McTeigue offered a vague, somewhat cryptic response when asked whether the rumors were true—so we couldn't help putting the question to him again when he dropped by Splash Page HQ today. Fresh off wrapping things up with the much-anticipated, action-packed "Ninja Assassin," McTeigue would "neither confirm nor deny" his attachment to a new "Superman" movie... but he did tell us where he'd like to go with DC's Man of Steel if—and that's a big if—he was in the director's chair.

"I think if I was ever going to go near Superman, I would do a complete reboot—take it in a direction that you would absolutely not expect, actually," McTeigue told MTV News. "So, that would be my thinking on it, if I was ever going to go near Superman."

Elaborating on the direction he'd like to take Superman in a potential movie, McTeigue said recent events would seem to work in favor of a new take on the Man of Steel.

"I think it's good that they just had a court case where, basically, if you make another Superman movie, you can't touch Superman growing up—that's part of the story that you can't touch any more," he said. "That wouldn't be a bad thing. I think everybody's a bit sick of seeing the origin story."

While we can't stress enough that McTeigue isn't officially on board the potential big-screen reboot of the "Superman" movie franchise, it's certainly interesting to know what one of the rumored top contenders would like to do with the character if he had the chance.

Check out Splash Page tomorrow for more of our interview with McTeigue, and be sure to check out Movies.MTV.com all next week for an in-depth look at "Ninja Assassin" in our massive Fall Movie Preview!

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