Geoff Johns Co-Writing New 'Shazam!' Screenplay

ShazamBoth Marvel Comics and DC Comics have a Captain Marvel to their name, but only one of these companies has publicized plans to bring its character to the big screen—with the help from one of the comics industry's finest writers, Geoff Johns.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the "Green Lantern" comic book scribe is teaming up with writer Bill Birch for "Shazam!," an adaptation of DC's Captain Marvel. Birch is credited as the main writer, with Johns pitching in to co-write. Peter Segal will direct the film.

"Shazam!" tells the story of Billy Batson, a young teenager who moonlights as the powerful Captain Marvel. When Batson shouts "Shazam!," he is struck by a lightning bolt and becomes the red-suited hero, empowered with the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles and the speed of Mercury. You know... SHAZAM!

Film versions of "Shazam!" have been attempted before, with writer John August abandoning the project earlier this year. Peter Segal has been attached to "Shazam!" since the early 2000's when it was set up at New Line, but the film is now in the hands of Warner Bros.

With Segal still on board, it's worth wondering whether another previously attached actor—Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson—will still be up for a "Shazam!" movie. The wrestler-turned-actor famously polled his fans to ask if he should play the heroic Captain Marvel or his ruthless nemesis Black Adam, with the villainous role eventually winning out. The "Race to Witch Mountain" star was still interested in trading blows with Captain Marvel as recently as last March when he cited script conflicts as the reason for the film's delay. With any luck, he's still up for the superhero movie.

Johns' attachment to the film should be very good news for fandom. The writer has successfully reinvented both the Green Lantern and Flash mythos over at DC Comics and is even working on a movie version of "The Flash." Without a doubt, Johns has proven himself in the realm of reinventing popular characters—hopefully, Captain Marvel will be no different.

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