Diora Baird Teases 'Thor' Audition—But For Which Character?

Diora BairdBy Terri Schwartz

In addition to Don Cheadle’s recent assertion that Thor would be making a very unique cameo in upcoming Marvel flicks, we’ve got some actual news on the “Thor” front: actress Diora Baird (”My Best Friend’s Girl”) announced via Twitter this week that she had an audition for a role in the upcoming Kenneth Branagh-directed “Thor.”

According to Baird, she had an audition for a character described as “pretty, but sturdy with muscle.”

“Damn type casting,” she wrote.

There is a big difference between auditioning for a role and earning it, but news has been very quiet on the “Thor” front in recent weeks, so it’s nice to get some insight on the production's goings on. However, when asked which character she auditioned for, Baird responded, “I cant say. I'll go to jail. For real. Had to sign my soul away.”

If Baird gets the part, her soul would be signed and sold to Branagh along with Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Tom Hiddleston as Loki.

The biggest question, though, is who she'd be playing in the “Thor” universe.

“Pretty, but sturdy with muscle” seems to describe just about every female character in Thor's interacts with—even those characters who don't hail from Asgard—so the real speculation surrounds which characters could possibly pop up in the film.

Who do you think Baird would be a good fit to play? Sound off in the comment section or on Twitter!