Making 'Iron Man 2' Better Than The First Film 'Wasn't Ever The Discussion,' Says Don Cheadle

When it comes to movies, a well-received first outing almost always calls for an even better follow-up, and in the case of the in-development "Iron Man" franchise, fandom has set its collective expectations high. But while Don Cheadle acknowledges fan excitement, the "Iron Man 2" star explained that the mindset behind the sequel is primarily rooted in expanding on what worked in the first film.

When asked about the general conversation that took place with director Jon Favreau on the "Iron Man 2" set, Cheadle explained that his motivation wasn't necessarily to make a bigger film, but a film that explored the ideas set during the first installment in a big way.

"You know, [topping the last film] wasn't really ever the discussion," Cheadle told MTV News, "We never said, 'How do we beat it?' in my opinion. We just said, 'How do we take what happened in the first film and pay it off now in the second film and really explore what it means now for a character to be going around as an actual super hero that everybody knows.'"

"The mask is off," continued Cheadle. "[Iron Man] is like, 'It's me,' and now what does that really mean?"

The approach seems especially appropriate for Cheadle's character Col. James Rhodes, who as Tony Stark's confidant could very well see his loyalties split between the military and his best friend. Normally that wouldn't be a problem, but considering Rhodes has already been caught with his guns blazing in the silver War Machine suit, the tension could amount to a serious repulsor-ray rivalry.

What kind of trouble do you think an unmasked Iron Man is in for in the 2010 sequel? Do you expect "Iron Man 2" to top its predecessor? Speak out in the comments.

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