'Smallville' Reveals Metallo And... The Wonder Twins?

SmallvilleThere are some "Smallville" news bits floating around today that will undoubtedly have the fan community talking. The show, which is apparently far from over, is introducing a pair of exciting villains in General Zod and Metallo.

Despite this potential awesomeness, there are some other characters allegedly coming to the show that are just... well, wonderful.

The good news is that TV Guide has the first official production still of Brian Austin Green as Metallo, and he looks pretty darn cool. The weird news? The Wonder Twins might be heading into Clark Kent's orbit, too.


Brian Austin Green has certainly proved that he's not in Beverly Hills anymore. If his role as futuristic freedom fighter Derek Reese on "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" isn't enough proof of that, his newly furbished Kryptonite-imbued chest should do the trick.

But that doesn't mean that "Smallville" isn't taking a cue from "90210." By virtue of its premise, the young adventures of Clark Kent are bound to feature some other young superheroes... but the Wonder Twins?

According to an unconfirmed report on KryptonSite, "7th Heaven" star David Gallagher and "Warehouse 13" actress Allison Scagliotti are joining "Smallville" this season as Zan and Jayna, a duo of alien siblings that unlock transformative powers within one another upon uttering the phrase, "Wonder Twin powers, activate!" The characters will apparently show up in the fifth episode of "Smallville's" ninth season.

Personally speaking, I'm definitely intrigued by their alleged arrival to "Smallville's" cast, if only to see how they match up against the considerably more ruthless Metallo and Zod. Depending on how that shakes out, it could be a pretty awesome cameo.

What do you think of Green as Metallo? Do you buy the rumors that the Wonder Twins are coming to "Smallville"? Activate your powers in the comments section!