EXCLUSIVE: 'Iron Man 2' Star Don Cheadle Reveals Sequel's Surprising Cameos—Thor! Hulk!

Last summer's "Iron Man" made waves when it snuck in an surprise visit from Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury after the ending credits, planting the seeds for the upcoming "Thor," "The First Avenger: Captain America," and "Avengers" films. So when MTV News caught up with "Iron Man 2" star Don Cheadle, the question of an after-credits surprise had to be asked.

Spoiler alert: Cheadle is hilarious.

“Thor and Hulk both make an appearance in this film. They work at a diner," Cheadle told MTV News, “You heard it hear first. Thor is actually in the movie. He eats Tony Stark. He consumes him into his godlike belly and spews him into the world. He turns into stars actually.”

Though Cheadle's assertions seem rooted in humor (seriously, when has Thor spewed stars?), given the proximity of "Thor's" 2011 release date to "Iron Man 2's" 2010 opening weekend, a reference to the thunder god seems feasible. Well, at least one that doesn't involve cannibalism and celestial output.

"It’s a strange twist. I don’t know that they’re going to stay with it. It may not make it to the final cut, but it was cool to see filmed," Cheadle joked.

Some scenes that are making the cut include Cheadle as Col. James Rhodes, who dons his own suit of weaponized armor as War Machine" in the sequel—a move that will reportedly cause friction between his character and Tony Stark. Of course, a little sparring between armored pals seems better than serving as a Norse myth's next meal.

What kind of surprises do you think might be in store for "Iron Man 2" audiences? Make your predictions in the comments.