Obama Meets 'Army Of Darkness' In This Week's Best Bets!

Army of Darkness: Ash Saves ObamaIt's a fun week for comics with movie and television ties. From impressive adaptations of much-anticipated films to surreal team-ups so crazy they just might work, here are some of the books I'm checking out this week—and you should, too!

"ARMY OF DARKNESS: ASH SAVES OBAMA" #1 (Dynamite Entertainment): Confession time: I've been offering "Ashley J. Williams," the name of Bruce Campbell's iconic, chainsaw-wielding hero from the "Evil Dead" movies, as my write-in candidate for most minor and major elections for almost a decade now. If I don't know the nominees, who better for the office than a guy who's saved the world from the Deadite scourge countless times?

In this new Dynamite series, my vision for a better tomorrow kinda/sorta finds a home, with U.S. President Barack Obama visiting a comic convention targeted for Deadite invasion, leaving the Commander-in-Chief of the Boomstick Brigade as Obama's only hope. Like I've said before, it's so crazy, it's going to work. Fact. (And did I mention the amazing Todd Nauck cover?)

Astro Boy"ASTRO BOY: THE MOVIE ADAPTATION" #1 (IDW Publishing): I don't think there's been a weekyet when I haven't recommended one of IDW's many licensed properties. The thing is, they're all that good. I'll confess (second time this post) to not being very savvy to the "Astro Boy" phenomenon, but I was completely hooked by the first issue of this series when I received an early copy. If you're a fan, definitely pick it up, and if you're just curious about the upcoming movie and the character, go ahead and take a peek at the comic. It will make you a believer.

Days Missing"DAYS MISSING" #1 (Archaia Studios Press): I checked out the first issue of this series from Archaia and "Star Trek" creator Gene Roddenberry's production company, and was impressed with what I saw. Along with a beautiful cover by Dale Keown, the series features a story by two of my favorite creators in the biz, writer/artist Phil Hester and artist Frazer Irving ("Silent War," "Gutsville"). It's an intriguing time-travel tale that offers a lot of questions inthe first issue that I'm sticking around to see answered.

Honorable Mention: "Dark Entries" HC (DC/Vertigo): DC's new line of hardcover mystery novels kicks off with this great little story in the "Hellblazer" universe that sends John Constantine into a "Big Brother"-style reality-tv show haunted by dangerous entities. Like everything with Constantine, all is not as it seems.

What are you picking up this week? Sound off in the comment section or on Twitter!