Steve Niles' 'Criminal Macabre' Series Acquired By Universal

Criminal MacabreSteve Niles has had plenty of experience bringing his comic books to Hollywood, from "30 Days of Night" to the developing "City of Dust." Now, Niles can add another notch in his cinematic belt, and it's considerably more "Macabre" than the others.

Variety reports that the Niles-created "Criminal Macabre" has been acquired by Universal Pictures. The Dark Horse comic-turned-movie will be produced by Dark Horse president Mike Richardson alongside Neal Moritz and his Original Film banner. Kyle Ward will write the script.

For the uninitiated, "Criminal Macabre" focuses on Cal McDonald, a paranormal detective that is himself tainted goods—he's a filthy-mouthed, drug-abusing and generally unpleasant man, but is nonetheless a professional when it comes to taking out ghouls, ghosts and other supernatural atrocities.

The current deal at Universal Pictures isn't the first time "Macabre" has been set for film. Niles previously detailed McDonald's journey to the big screen, telling MTV News that his uncompromising nature was deemed unpalatable for a mainstream audience.

"We had it set up at MGM years ago, and it just didn't quite take," Niles told MTV News. "['Criminal Macabre'] went through a lot. The first instance, everyone was like, 'Clean him up, we can't have a character like this.' And then they realized I'm not trying to do 'Cheech and Chong' here. This is to me, a modern Philip Marlowe. He has all the same problems, but they're modernized because hard drinking just doesn't cut it anymore."

Hopefully, the new arrangement with Universal means that McDonald will hit theaters in all of his comic book uncleanliness. Such a translation will owe itself to the screenwriting of Kyle Ward, who previously penned "Kane and Lynch" for Lionsgate and was recently hired to write the "Hitman" sequel.

Are you excited for "Criminal Macabre"? Do you think it'll be a faithful adaptation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!