David Goyer On Rumors Of New 'Blade' Movie: 'There's Been Murmurings Of Another Film'

BladeDavid Goyer is practically a household name in the geek community thanks to his work on "The Dark Knight," well-received comic book writing on series like "JSA," and the promise of his Green Arrow prison break film "Super Max." One of his earliest comic-to-screen properties, "Blade," has hit a bit of a stand-still in terms of further outings—but according to Goyer, another chapter could be on the horizon.

"It's been rumored over at New Line," Goyer told MTV News about the status of Marvel's number one vampire slayer. Speaking during a press event for his upcoming, time-bending, sci-fi television series "Flash Forward," Goyer said "there's been murmurings" of another "Blade" film.

Is it possible that these rumors and murmurs could belong to the alleged "Deacon Frost" movie, based on the villainous bloodsucker featured in the first "Blade" film? The actor who portrayed the character, Stephen Dorff, thinks it might happen—but the likelier scenario is that someone wants Blade to come back for another installment, especially given Goyer's earlier comments that another "Blade" might happen without Wesley Snipes.

That's not to say another movie is a good idea, however—especially this soon after the canceled "Blade" television series. Goyer said that one of the reasons that "Batman Begins" and its highly regarded sequel did so well is because of good timing.

"I think when you revisit these characters, the question is, how long should they stay off the shelf?" he posited. "When we did 'Batman Begins,' he'd been off the shelf for about eight years. It hasn't been eight years yet for Blade. I think usually if you give them a little breathing room between iterations, it's better."

The most recent iteration of the character took the form of "Blade: The Series," which aired on Spike TV in 2006. The series starred rapper/actor Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones, and featured a pilot scripted by Goyer and veteran comic book writer Geoff Johns. One two-hour pilot and 11 episodes of "Blade" were aired before it was canceled.

Do you want to see another "Blade" movie, or should the character stay shelved for the time being? Sound off in the comments section!