EXCLUSIVE: Guy Ritchie Says 'Sgt. Rock' Might Not Be Next, Hints At New Comic Book Property

Guy Ritchie"Sherlock Holmes" director Guy Ritchie has been dabbling in that weird space between the comics and movie worlds for quite some time now. His original creation for now-defunct publisher Virgin Comics, an action series titled "Gamekeeper," has been stuck somewhere in the adaptation phase since the publisher folded, while the filmmaker's name has long been attached to a potential big-screen feature based on DC Comics war hero "Sgt. Rock."

When we caught up with Ritchie recently, the English writer/director of "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" got us up to speed on where both of those projects stand—and why his first foray in the comic book movie world could come from an entirely different direction.

"I intend to be making a film by January. I’m not sure exactly what, but I’m quite confident that by January I’ll be in production," Ritchie told MTV News when asked if "Sgt. Rock" was next on his list.

Lest you think that's a complete dismissal of "Rock," Ritchie was quick to add that he'd be "very keen on" making a film based on DC's hard-nosed World War II hero, but it's "an interesting time in movies right now ... I’ve never read so many good scripts."

As for "Gamekeeper," his creator-owned tale of a reclusive, former soldier who leaves the forest and ventures into the urban jungle to avenge a murder, Ritchie said he'd "still like to do" a film based on the property. The original comic book series was written by "The Losers" scribe Andy Diggle, and the project is currently tagged for production by Warner Bros, with Joel Silver's Silver Pictures to produce.

"The script is not quite where I want it to be yet," said Ritchie, "but there’s somebody working on it now."

Possibly most interesting, however, is Ritchie's tease that there could be a new comic book property he has his eye on. When asked if he's developing any other comics-based projects, Ritchie teased, "That, you’ll find out shortly."

"I don’t commit myself in case I tread on someone’s toes," he explained, adding that this mysterious project could "arguably, possibly" connect to that film he's looking to kick off in January.

"What I like is a world where you have major broad poetic license, whether its comic properties or whatever," he said. "I like stepping into an animated world. Exactly how that animation manifests itself is secondary. The primary thing is to leave what we perceive as a normal world and depart into a '300-type or 'Avatar'-esque. And that appeals to me. I like 'Sin City' and '300' and 'Watchmen.' I like departing from a normal world."

However, don't expect Ritchie to be stepping up as the new director of "Superman" any time soon.

"Superheroes aren’t really my thing," he laughed.

Any comic books you'd particularly like to see Guy Ritchie take on? what do you think of his comments regarding "Sgt. Rock" and "Gamekeeper"? Sound off in the comment section or on Twitter!