'The Boondock Saints' Coming To Comics

Boondock SaintsUnderdog cult hit "The Boondock Saints" took its time finding an audience before it came to to DVD, but now the religiously charged crime drama starring "Spider-Man" villain Willem Dafoe looks to be spawning a sequel film, as well as a comic book prequel. When "Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day" hits theaters in 2010, 12 Gauge Comics will launch an accompanying comic telling the origin of Il Duce, father of the first film's vigilante heroes Connor and Murphy McManus.

"We’re just waiting on Sony for release date for the film," 12 Gauge president Keven Gardner told ICv2.com regarding the comic's release date.

Previously-rumored "Thor" cast member Clifton Collins Jr. will be joining the sequel's cast, along with returning stars Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus, and Billy Connolly, who played Il Duce. Writer/director Troy Duffy will co-write the comic as well.

"The only fans more rabid than 'Twilight' fans have been the 'Boondock Saints' fans," Gardner said of panel's audience.

Though 12 Gauge has previously released comics through Image, their "Boondock Saints" title will come out solely under its own label. There's no word yet, though, on how the sequel or comic's body count will compare to the impressive heights achieved in the story's first installment.

What do you think of 12 Gauge's plans to release a "Boondock Saints" comic? Is the origin of Il Duce something you would like to read? Sound off in the comment section below!